Interests and Focus, mark 2

The area mentioned as my interest in the previous post appears to be too broad even though I’ve narrowed the domain a little.

I’m finding the issues of designing privacy into systems (privacy by design) and secondary use of information more specifically relevant.

In addition, the social, ethnographic approach that I eschewed was looking at it from a user’s point of view. The social aspects of developer communities  is a different approach that is more involved with design and secondary use of information.

In my searching for technology and privacy, the typical understanding of privacy is that it is involved with protecting the data that a service maintains. However, controlling who has access to the information and what technical steps protect the data from being released are not very interesting. They’re more related to computer security and not very rich as a topic for privacy analysis.

Much more interesting is developing an understanding by technologists of higher-order privacy issues beyond data security. This is an area for education that is just as important as educating users about the capabilities of systems that they may access.